Trend to building seniors housing in shopping precincts growing

WUHAN: There is a growing trend to incorporate seniors housing into retail catchments.

The concept builds value via the sale of air-rights; adds to mall foot traffic; provides an ‘exercise and entertainment’ precinct for residents and obviates the need to duplicate infrastructure Read More »

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Trend towards revamping rail stations as seniors housing

HONG KONG: A trend is emerging for rail and tram stations to be revamped to include multi-generational housing.

The underlying philosophy is to drive more value from the land footprint; create density in underutilized airspace; provide mobility for an ageing population; and to wean city Read More »

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Multigenerational care complex being planned

TIANJIN: A multigenerational health and wellness campus is being planned. The seaside location will cater for special needs children (aged 5 to 21), family and visitors accommodation; a 50 unit residential compound for young adults; and a 50 unit independent living village for seniors 55 Read More »

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Advertising industry alienating over 50s with stereotypical language/imaging

FOSHAN: Both the advertising industry and the over 50s housing providers are guilty of the creation of insulting advertisements and media campaigns.
The vast majority of copywriters and image creators are locked into Gen X and Gen Y thinking, and cannot reach through age barriers, Read More »

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